Talking about the weather

Israelis love to talk about the weather. Every conversation starts with a little chat about current temperature. It basically goes like this.

“It’s so hot. I hate the heat; I want to leave and go somewhere, where it’s cold,” they say.

“You shouldn’t say this. You are so lucky to live here. I hate the cold,” I answer.

“Oh I would love it. When it’s cold, you just put on more clothes. But here… you can’t take of any more clothes. Even if you go naked you still sweat.”

“Not at all, there is a limitation to it. During winter you still feel cold, and it makes your fingertips numb and your face burn!”

“I would still love it. Here you sweat just by crossing the street. You have to shower all the time!”

“And it rains. It rains so much! Whenever you leave the house you have to make sure to take a warm jacket and an umbrella with you. You just put on some shorts and a shirt.”

“See, that’s the problem. You always wear a shirt and shorts, never put on any cool clothes. “

“In Germany you buy yourself a pretty dress and you never get the chance to wear it. You could combine it with a pair of tights but you still have to cover it with your stinky, grey raincoat before you leave the house. It doesn’t do any difference what you are wearing”

The debate is getting heated. It’s time to underline our points.

We take out our smartphones. They show me pictures of their vacations to the Giant Mountains in the Czech- Republic, to Seattle or some other snowy place. I show them pictures of my university gotten flooded by thunderstorms.

There is no chance one of us gives in. After a while we just give up. We shake our heads in disbelief at so much naivety. Then we order a beer. They order a Guinness, I have a Goldstar

These talks make me smile. They hold up a mirrow to me, making me realize how stubborn and alike we all are:  Live is always greener on the other side.  


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5 responses to “Talking about the weather”

  1. israeli summer sucks! says :

    great writing alex!!!

    i just had the same conversation with my freinds as well!!!


    cold is better!!! 🙂

  2. israeli summer sucks! says :

    i meant alice of course dont know why it turned to alex loool

  3. chaim levinson says :

    nice one. i want to go to germany now.

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