Is there going to be a war with Iran, my friends?

“Today I had lunch with my dad and all he talked about was registering for gas masks,” my roommate tells. “That really kills me.”

“Nothing will happen,” his friend answers. „They talk about it for years, now. Every year in September they start this panic again.”

“I just want to finish my degree. Just give me one more year until I’ve finished my degree,” begs my roommate.

“We received additional proof of the fact that Iran is continuing to make accelerated progress toward achieving nuclear weapons while totally ignoring international demands,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says. And he is convinced that once Iran has a nuclear weapon it will use it against Israel.

“Israel is a cancerous tumor that will soon be finished off,” Iranian President Ahmadinejad told Anti-Israel protesters last Friday.

“While Israel can only execute a surgical operation to delay the nuclear program, the United States can take action that would threaten the regime’s stability,” tells an important statesman, who gets quoted in Haaretz as ‘The Decisionmaker’ .

Obama keeps himself covered. No attacks before the Presidential Elections in November. His opponent thinks “Iran going nuclear” would “be unacceptable”. Romney would keep all options open to prevent that from happening, whatever that means. Anyway you never know who is going to keep or break his promises after the elections on November 6th.

Can you imagine rockets falling on this beach?

Can you imagine rockets falling on this beach?

“And time is running out …. ,” a friend of mine says while driving us to the beach. “New investigations say that Iran will improve the protection of its nuclear sites until March. If that happens, the Israel Military won’t be able to attack them anymore.” He is trying to find a parking lot, not an easy task in Tel Aviv. “Israel can’t wait for the Americans to attack in maybe half-year or a year. They have to attack in autumn because soon the weather will be too cloudy for the airplanes. “

“…it means putting a matter that is vital to our survival in the hands of the United States. Israel cannot allow this to happen,” agrees the Decisionmaker in Haaretz.

“I don’t believe this shit anymore,” another friend of mine tells me while I help her buying new shoes. She is crazy about Berlin like almost everyone here and she plans on moving there.

“Life has become very pleasant in Israel,” a friend says while slurping cold coffee in one of Tel Aviv’s Hip-Places, “Netanyahu knows that. He wouldn’t dare to risk this.”

Not to mention the economic losses.

But better be prepared, the public TV Channel shows instructions on how to put on your gas mask. “Gas mask?” laughs the girl at the bar. “I don’t even know if I have one, maybe we have one left in my grandma’s basement.”

“They are not helpful anyway,” somebody throws in. “The filter just works for 5 hours.”

“It’s true,” my roommates’ friend confirms. “But listen, you just use the gas mask when you leave your shelter. The shelters are secured enough, you don’t need them in there. And they’re thought to protect against chemical weapons, not against the missiles.”

Missiles?- just two days ago rockets struck two factories in Sderot,a border town close to the Gaza Strip.

“If we attack Iran, there will be launching of missiles and rockets against the Israeli home front. Counterattacks will come from the Hamas in Gaza. They are not so well equipped, their missiles probably just hit South-Israel, it won’t be a very precise bombing. The Hezbollah in Lebanon is more experienced, I would say, they will be able to send more harmful missiles. But it gets really problematic once Syria starts to attack, although right now, no one can say, what is going on there. Different from the Hamas or the Hezbollah the Syrian attacks will be led by the military. They have professional equipment including Airplanes and rockets that can go long distances. They are able to hit Tel Aviv, too,”  explains my roommate.

“When the first missiles start to fall, I gonna buy myself popcorn and watch the spectacle on my porch,” I hear from another friend. “It is true,” a colleague from work tells me. “During the last Lebanon war people used to do this. They didn’t take it very seriously.”

“When the first missiles start to fall, which will be after the UN summit in the end of September, I take my American Passport, cross the Allenby Bridge to Jordan and then good bye, you right-winged nationalists!” This friend trains for a marathon he will run in late fall.

"About the economy... we need... ah...hmmm... I mean the government...and..." "Look the Iranian Threat"

“About the economy… we need… ah…hmmm… I mean the government…and… aaah…like…”
“Look the Iranian Threat”

“It is blabla”, explains my friend while we finally arrive the beach.” Netanyahu is doing propaganda to distract us from the real problems. All the social problems: high inequality, rising living cost, unemployment….. ” He’ll be off to India in the next days doing a motorcycle trip without cellphone, facebook and bad news.

“Statistically it is time for another war,” another friend of my roommate says while rubbing the heart-shaped tattoo on her arm. “I am really not an ignorant person, but I am exhausted, this is why I stopped reading the news. I recently had a break-up with my boyfriend, I need to find another job,…. It is too much. No one can bare all this!”

“It is quite easy,” says the guy who floats next to me on an inflatable mattress on the Sea of Galilee. “Maybe we have a war soon, maybe not. We can’t change it anyway.”

Interested in how to build yourself a bomb shelter? Read this Guide to Emergency Preparedness from the Home Front Command.


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