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For first time, Israeli state agency comes out against segment of West Bank separation fence

Israel seeks court permission to expand 40 West Bank settlements

09.09.-Israel not amused about Germany has increased its arms sales to Arab countries, a very interesting opion on islamis 

Israel seeks German coordination on arms sales to Arab states

Islamism, not Islamophobia, is the real enemy of moderate Muslims and Israel

07.09.- Eritrean asylum seekers trapped on Israel-Egypt border without food

Eritrean asylum seekers trapped on Israel-Egypt border for 7th straight day

Turning one's back on the world and all its suffering

03.09.-  The U.S. is considering a range of steps to prevent Israeli attack, Palestinians to shop in Israel

Obama mulls declaring the 'red lines' that would trigger U.S. attack on Iran

U.S. VP Biden: Mitt Romney is 'ready' to go to war with Iran, Syria

Consumerism is the continuation of the occupation by other means

30.08.- Evacuation of  an illegal settlement in the West Bank

Most Migron residents agree to evacuate, some activist youths remain in outpost

24.08.- Palestinians get permission to celebrate the end of Ramadan at Israeli beaches

Israel allows more than 100,000 West Bank Palestinias visit Israeli beaches

12.08.- Is there going to be a strike on Iran?

Netanyahu, Barak raised idea of Iran attack years ago, ‘but security chiefs shot them down’
auf deutsch:
Netanyahu und Barak planen angeblich Militärschlag gegen den Iran

an al-jazeera video: 

Inside Story- Will Israel attack Iran?

05.08.- Attacks on Egypt-Israel Border

Armed militants attack Egyptian army outpost, try to infiltrate Israel border

01.08. – Israeli Prime Minister on making a decision about attacking Iran- bilateral trade agreements between Israel and Palestine

Netanyahu, Barak to tell Panetta: Israel reserves the right to defend itself

Israel, Palestinian Authority sign bilateral trade agreements

27.07 -Pirates Party to register for parliament election,Israel fears that terror organizations will take advantage of events in Syria

Israel's pirates party registers for Knesset elections

IDF reinforces Golan border, fearing Syrian terror attack

23.07- Sex-segregation in Israel Art Jerusalem

Israel Museum to introduce sex-segregated 
visiting hours for ultra-Orthodox exhibit

22.07- The man who set himself on fire during the social protest died yesterday- another self immolation today by a disabled military veteran

Disabled IDF veteran sets himself on fire in Yehud
Moshe Silman dies after self-immolation at Israeli protest

18.07- Several Israelis were killed in a terrorist attack on an airport bus in Bulgaria

Bulgaria bombing confirmed as suicide attack

Will there be war with Iran, now?

Netanyahu blames Bulgaria attack on Hezbollah, calling it Iran’s ‘long arm’

15.7- Protester sets himself on fire

The social protest that started last summer in Tel Aviv reaches its peak by this shocking incident

Israeli man sets himself on fire during Tel Aviv social protest

The despair of Moshe Silman

Moshe Silman vs. the State of Israel
His letter read by the protesters (in hebrew)

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